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  GPS positioning allows us to fly safely and accurately fly a real estate listing and capture award winning imagery with the drone‚Äôs camera. Many times houses in remote locations or on steep slopes can only be photographed by a drone that's when I shine, Composition is one of the most important aspects of an photo or video, something as simple as the time of day can make or break a flight and your property shoots.


  My drone can provide critical data to farmers about areas of their fields that are experiencing drought conditions or damage due to insects and fungus, proper displacement of fertilize, efficiency of harvesting, the drones can deliver the information that the farmer needs to make timely decisions. With way points a rancher can fly a predetermined pattern each day and check on many things.


  My drones can provide the builder with critical information that he needs as he starts to plan his build and helps him determine where to place a house for the best views, Solar Orientation, as well as what the house will look like on the property using 3D images and cad files to place the house in the correct location and show clients what the views would be from there windows or decks using GPS accuracy.

  Roof Inspections, Job Site Progress photos from the ground or in a tree or from the air with GLONASS GPS Positioning (Russian) and GPS (USA ARMY) for pretty damn good accuracy .

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   I have utilized a drone to create highly accurate topographical maps. It can also used to calculate stockpile volumes and  used to measure the amount of growth by capturing before and after imagery from our drone. I can offer you top quality digital images and quality prints from cameras or supply 4K video using Nadir photographic process.